TPT presents 'The First Showdown', showcasing the best in boxing and kickboxing from London and the South East. The fight night is being held at The Stoop, Twickenham, home of Harlequin's Rugby Club on Saturday 15th July. With gyms, coaches, fighters and martial-arts enthusiasts from the region attending, the show is setting the standard for fight nights in the country.
The promoters are proud to announce a title fight at The First Showdown between Daneil Hearn from Scorpion Kickboxing and Darren Denis from 87 Fight Club for the BIKMA Junior World Title. 
There will be a DJ and entertainment on the night; tickets are £25 in advance.


The Fights are Announced

Morgan VS Chinnappa



Nya Morgan VS Jordan Chinnappa


These ladies will be showing how technical and skillfull ladies in kickboxing can be, come July 15th.

Asghar VS Sahibi



Jassem Asghar VS Zabi Sahabi 


This fight will be Boxing.


Both of these fighters are experienced boxers and will bring their best game on July 15th. Set to be a combat of speed and technical boxing!

Cornish VS Rooz



Louis Cornish VS Mansoor Rooz


This fight will be Boxing. 


The fight will showcase great skill and technique in the sweet art of Boxing from these two, young, local lads.


This is a very exciting match-up!!!

Petch VS Cottrall-Lilley



George Petch VS Tom Cottrall-Lilley


This fight will be Boxing.

This is a great matchup and it promises to be an exciting, fast-paced fight.

Alexandria VS Navara



Iverton Alexandria VS Matej Navara 


This fight will be full-contact Kickboxing.


These fighters will be putting it all on the line come July 15th.

Sorokin VS Hearn



Denis Sorokin VS Daniel Hearn 


This fight will be full-contact Kickboxing.


These two young, experienced lads will be fighting for the "B.I.K.M.A. World Junior Title". Both fighters have been training very hard for this title; who will be crowned champion?

Harrington VS Ruiz



Stuart Harrington VS José Ruiz


This fight will be full-contact kickboxing. 


Looks like it will be a "War of Kicks" showcasing great skill, power and technique from both fighters!

Banfield VS Hayes




Luke Banfield VS Daniel Hayes


"The Battle of the Black Belts".


These two powerhouses will be showcasing great skills in kickboxing and hard-hitting technique. It all goes down on the 15th of July!!

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