Hyperion S Kit Spray

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Hyperion Sport Advanced Kit Hygeine and Odour Control Spray

Keep your sports kit bacteria and odour free!

While we normally co-exist with bacteria safely enough, sometimes the bacteria can take a hold! Gyms and sports kit are perfect breeding grounds for bacteria and whilst we all love a sweaty session at the gym or in a class, we know our kit can get a bit smelly and that's not great for our noses or our health!

We want you to stay safe and healthy when doing your sports as well as smelling fresh! 

The powerful components of Hyperion S kill the harmful bacteria that can potentially live on your kit and protect it for up to 4 months.


1. Make sure item is clean and dry

2. Spray on internal absorbent surfaces until damp 

3. Allow item to dry before using or wearing


Bad odour trapped in the fabric may linger for 24 hours.
Thereafter, the bad odour will virtually disappear and providing proper hygiene is maintained, bad odour should not be a problem.
Hyperion Sport is suitable for all sports kit: kit bags, body armour, heavy uniforms, helmets, jackets, horse blankets and can even be used on toilet seats and other contaminated surfaces.