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Super Power Team - Martial Arts for Children

Kickboxing Classes

Martial Arts for Kids

Super Power Team

George Youssef Head Instructor Total Power Team



Whitton Community Centre

Percy Road, Whitton, TW2 6JL



Kids (4-6) 4pm   

Juniors (7-10) 5pm  

Teenagers (11-17) 6pm

Adults 7pm


Kids (4-7) 4pm  

Juniors (7-10) 5pm  

Teenagers (11-17) 6pm

Adults 7pm



"You know your child loves and really enjoys Total Power team classes if he keeps asking every day when he wakes I going to my kick boxing today? The structure of the classes is really good as it gives a whole body workout as well as plenty of time for learning and practising new skills. I believe the classes help Lewis to be more confident, disciplined and he learns a sense of achievement.”



“My teenage daughter has been attending the Total Power Team classes in Whitton for the past two months and already I have noticed a positive change in her. As well as telling me she is feeling fitter, it is really helping her confidence and I am incredibly happy when she tells me that she can appreciate what a great opportunity it is to train at the school and that she can see what can be achieved. She is very motivated to work hard towards a black belt in her martial arts and I know this extracurricular activity will stand her in good stead for her future”